The Women’s Regional Publications Of America (WRPA) is a fast growing association of publishers across the United States that inform, serve and spotlight women and the organizations, businesses, and communities that serve them. Women focused media represented by WRPA includes regional women’s magazines, websites, electronic media, directories, newsletters, and calendars.

Women purchase approximately 85% of all products and services and directly purchase or influence the purchase of 91% of all homes. With the power of the purse and the pulse of their family, women control 89% of bank accounts and influence 80% of health care decisions.

Women are influential because they stay connected, they communicate and they consume. Their power to influence the decisions made by family and friends has only grown and will continue to grow.

Women’s regionally focused media is the fastest growing information source women are consulting for their lifestyle choices today. Contact us at WRPA to help you tap this rapidly growing niche of women-targeted relevant media.

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